"Kloo Chi" is a luxury beach accessories brand. Founded from the need to create uncompromising quality products which will also feature a unique design. Inspired by traveling to the beaches around the world.

When we thought about creating "Kloo Chi", we wanted to create luxury and finest quality products. From that moment we did not go to any, even the smallest compromise. When designing the towels we made sure that they are colorful and unique.

Our products are made by the most experienced craftsmans in the world. We have also decided to give our towels an exclusive packaging that they deserve.

Our towels are incredibly fluffy, soft and very absorbent because we made them from the best known for its finest quality - Turkish cotton. Produced by professionals who gained their experience by years of work and knowledge of fabrics is among them passed down from generation to generation. Thats why you can enjoy the benefits of our products for many years.

Because of our unique way of weaving our towels, cotton fiber out and microfiber inside, our towels are incredibly soft one and highly absorbent, on the other hand. Using the natural materials also results in short drying rate.

When arriving to Poland our products have to go through the process of quality testing, a few pieces from each lot goes through our rigorous durability testing. Also here Dominique the founder and designer, is attaching all the necessary tags on every towel ,treating this kind of ritual as her personal signature. Giving you her guarantee.

Have you already seen how we pack our towels? You'll be pleasantly surprised ! Dominique pack every towel by herself, and always giving handwritten message specifically for you. This is also the moment where towel are verified for the last time to make sure that you get the very best product.

If you looking for finest quality with unique design there is only one answer -
"Kloo Chi"